-Smash Physical Training only recruits the best coaches, they all in their own chosen field "walk the walk"...they don't just talk about it. These guys are fun, friendly and approachable,

but serious about getting you to where you want to be!!


Competitive Powerlifter Leila specialises in strength training, She loves lifting heavy stuff and can squat well over twice her own bodyweight.  Leila currently holds junior and senior records for the South-East! 


With over a decade of competing in various strength sports, Matt has been coaching since 2012. Hes a big believer in using fundamental human movements to help clients continually progress towards their strength and fitness goals. Matt is a qualified S&C coach, British Weightlifting coach and Kettlebell coach. Matt hates running and often swears in front of small children.
Having competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting David has a solid understanding of the processes required for aesthetics and performance.
RAF veteran and OCR nut Bolly is all about a life of adventure. If he isn't taking part in SmashPT sessions he's coaching them. When given a minute to spare he can be found running up a mountain somewhere or competing in an obscure event that tests him physically and mentally. Legend has it that Bolly's endless energy is powered by his beard which has its own set of lungs.
Power Track: "Fire Starter" (Prodigy)
Favorite Meal: Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Curry
Awards: 2015 OCR World Champs (23rd in Age Group)