Smash Physical Training was set up in 2009 by a former soldier, His aspirations were to create a training company that provided its clients with exactly what they needed minus fads, trends and corner cutting. Since begining this journey Smash Physical Training has worked with Groups both large and small, Business Professionals, Elite Athletes, Military Personnel, The Emergency Services & Full-Time Parents.


#SmashPT has delivered time over time with solid training methods and sound moral standing, there are no gimmicks or hacks with us nor will we try selling you the magic pill. We will however lead you to where you want you to be with great coaching and strong support.


Whether you choose 1:1 or you get involved with our group training community you will become part of a very special group of people. People that want to change their lives and keep on the right road, long term.


Our ethos is clear; You come and train with a heavy hand and a light heart, You absorb both critique and praise with an open mind and always support those around you.