Testimonial - Jackie, Sue & Eileen


"We started training with SmashPT 3yrs ago and have been amazed at our fitness and strength improvements. Rob always keeps it varied, fun and motivating and doesn't mind when we moan or complain.

We are no longer 21 but we look better than we ever have and are aiming for a six pack. (Eat your heart out Linda Barker!)"



Testimonial - Tony Fenner

(Pro Rugby Player with USA Limoges, France) 


Just wanna give a big shout out to Smash Physical Training for getting me in top shape for my up and coming Season.


Every session pushed me to my physical and mental limit. It was great to have someone training me that was just as crazy about training and pushing my body to reach maximum performance.


Since arriving back to France and starting pre Season I have recorded new Personal Best results in my Conditioning and Strength testing and I can't wait for the Season to start.


Testimonial - Group Training


Just over a year ago, I was so unfit I struggled to walk a 5k, let alone run one! My sister suggested we get in touch with a Personal trainer for some help, the prospect of which terrified me. I agreed to give it a go and we contacted #SmashPT. I didn't believe for a minute we would stick with it, the thought of exercise and hard work didn't appeal to me at all and over the years I've tried and failed to stick with gyms etc so many times. We started out with one session a week, my husband had a bet on me going a max of 6 times before I gave up and at times I think Rob probably thought the same! But he never made us feel uncomfortable or like we was wasting his time and we have never looked back since. 

We're still not quite sure how it happened, but #SmasdhPT has managed to change our attitude towards health and fitness and we actually enjoy working out now, not only with him but at the gym as well. We look forward to our sessions with #SmashPT (now twice a week!) even though we still moan like mad all the way through! 






Testimonial - Matt Jones

(Professional Freestyle Mountain Bike Rider)


"Practice makes perfect" is the philosophy that I have built my career around because I need to be nailing tricks consistently whilst practicing at home in order to be confident in my riding at competition. However, since working with Smash Physical Training I’ve learned and experienced first hand that practice and dedication to my specific sport will only carried me so far.

With access to #SmashPT’s facility and knowledge I now have bespoke training sessions that have increased my fitness, strength and endurance to practice harder and for longer - raising the bar for where only practice alone could take me before.