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At Smash Physical Training we want to cut through all the noise around fitness and deliver a high quality, simple approach to getting stronger and fitter for all our members.

Our members are regular people of all ages and abilities who have one thing in common, they all made the decision to improve their fitness.

We focus on performance over aesthetics, making sure you're getting stronger and fitter during your time with us. This gives us measurable milestones that we can set and achieve with you.

Looking better is a side effect of performing better so we ensure you put the effort where it matters and benefits you the most.

We have a multi disciplined coaching team with over 60 years combined experience working with people.


So whether you're a Runner, Powerlifter, Weightlifter, Bodybuilder or just someone looking to be stronger and fitter in life, we have the right coach and programme for you.


What We Offer

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